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Air Cleaner, EnviroSept Electronic

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Air Cleaner, EnviroSept Electronic
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The EnviroSept Electronic Air Cleaner is a highly efficient, electronic air filter which utilizes the concept of DIELECTRIC POLARIZATION to effectively remove sub-micron particles, down to .001 micron in size. By delivering a strong but harmless (7,000 volt) positive DC charge to a central grid (located inbetween 2 PolyWool collector pads inside the unit), each fiber in the 1/2" thick collection pads becomes "polarized". As a result, airborne particles are drawn towards the fiber pads in the same way polarized magnets are drawn together. Instead of merely filtering or "straining" out particles, the EnviroSept's polarized collector pads attract and trap airborne contaminants, i.e. smoke, dust, etc. Polarization technology effectively removes mold spores, bacteria, smoke and carcinogenic particles that other filter systems will not easily stop. The attraction is both certain and powerful. With tens of thousands of charged fiber strands in each pad.

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Collector, dust, Downtron
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This down draft table utilizes high efficiency media filters, work surface grating, suction velocities of 150-300 FPM across the entire work surface, and automatic power pulse cleaning. The unit is self cleaned on a solid state timer which can be activated by the operator regardless of whether the fan is off or on. The removed dust falls into pull-out drawers in the bottom of the cabinet. The filter media has been tested by two independent laboratories who have both measured efficiencies of 99.9% on all particles ВЅ micron or larger. The FILTER 1 DOWNTRON table is built of heavy gauge carbon steel to withstand hard use. It is sized to fit the application and provides the flexibility needed for "cell manufacturing." Custom Sizing to Fit Your Application Work Surface Grating: Metal, Galvanized, or Stainless Steel, Non-Scratch Fiberglass, Rubber, or Wood; Various Hole Sizing Carbon After Filters Odor Absorption Modules Safety After Filters -- Ashrae or HEPA
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The BY150 and BY350 have been proven to be used in a wide range of residential, and light commercial applications, all around the world. The system comes with unique filtration technology that can effectively remove dust, odors, and kill bacteria.
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Our Air Bear replacement filters are made by AirGuard. That means when you order our Trion Air Bear replacement filters, you get the best quality and the best efficiency. While most Air Bear replacement filters are rated to a 6 *MERV, our Air Bear replacements are rated to an MERV 8. That means cleaner air in your home. Nominal Size: 20 x 25 x 5 Actual Size: 19-5/8 x 24-1/8 x 4-7/8
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Air Conditioner, Classic-26 Server / Computer Room Portable
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Digital temperature control..."set" the desired temperature and walk away Operates on standard 208/230V power...use anywhere for as little as 15 cents per hour Provides up to 26,000 Btu/hr of cool air...maximum spot cooling to just the spot that needs it Handles temperatures above 115В°F. . .provides cooling in the hottest environments No costly installation necessary . . . simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on Condensation overflow control . . . prevents overflow when condensation builds up UL Listed . . . assures safe operation Leaders in Portable Room Air Conditioners
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The Austin Air HM-400 Healthmate & Healthmate Plus is the ultimate in HEPA air purification. Quickly removes the dust, dust mite allergen, pollen, pet dander and outgassing chemicals from your indoor air environment. Austin Air HEPA Air Cleaners Produce NO OZONE! WE ARE STILL SELLING THOUSANDS OF OUR AUSTIN AIR HEALTHMATE AIR CLEANER UNITS TO THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE AND WORK IN THE GROUND ZERO AREA OF NEW YORK CITY AND TO THE USA GOVERNMENT WORKERS AS WELL! We Are The Largest Seller Of Austin Air HEPA Air Cleaners In The USA & Canada Since 1989!
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